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COSPLAY WIG SALE please get these out of my house

all of these are in some pretty desperate need of some tlc but will definitely be wearable!!

because i need these out asap (i'm moving!) i can't do holds*! sorry!
*mostly though i just mean like, i can't hold it for a week until you get paid; i can definitely wait a couple hours for you to get home from work or something like that lmao

all prices include shipping within the U.S. but i can knock a few bucks off if anyone in the boston area wants to come pick one up in person

Highlighter Yellow Wig - $12

this came from Lucaille on Taobao! it's a few years old but should be plenty wearable after a wash

Blue Wig - $20

this came from arda! i've only worn it once.

Red Wig - $20

this came from epiccosplay and hasn't been worn! it really just needs a more thorough comb-through